Utility Bill Assistance

Dollar Energy Fund

  • Are you having difficultly affording safe utility service? There are a number of programs that may be available to help. Depending on where you live, how many people are in your household and how much money you make, you may be eligible for assistance. Contact your utility company for additional information on the specific programs they have available.

Bill Assistance Programs

Here is a list of state bill assistance programs. Municipal government or non-profit organizations may also offer bill assistance options.


  1. Augustine Marie Hebert says

    My service is with slemco in Lafayette Louisiana,, my service was temporally disconnected so I’m in need of help to pay my electric bill!! Please it’s under AUGUSTINE M SMITH ….. I would really be grateful for the help ,, I have 2 kids and my mom, she is now in re-mission from cancer so any thing would help thanks!!!!!!!augustine

  2. Lucille Adams says

    Could someone please help me with my light bill it will be cut off by Friday August 1st. Please help me I am disabled and I also need help with food.

    Thank you God bless

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